KimBowers Counselling in Newmarket

What To Expect

Often the first time coming into therapy can feel strange, awkward or uncomfortable. It may be the first time you have shared your inner world with another therefore in our inital meeting if you feel anxious, this is perfectly undrstandable and normal.

People have various ideas about what counselling is, or may have heard stories about other peoples experiences of it, and this includes positive and negative experiences.

What is important is that in your experience you feel heard, that even though what you are talking about may be difficult, on some level you feel comfortable enough with the person sitting in front of you - me - to share your story.

I set up the first appointment as a ‘lets see how it feels’ session. If, at the end of the session, you feel I am not the right counsellor for you, I may be able to suggest someone more suitable for you. You are under no obligation to come back.

If you decide to engage with therapy, we will then negotiate how many sessions are likely to be necessary. I usually book in 6 sessions at first and then we review on the 5th to see how things are going for you. It may be at this stage you feel more resolve and wish to end, or it may be that you wish to continue.

I am a proactive counsellor: by this I mean I do not just listen; I do not leave people in their silence especially when I see this may be very uncomfortable for them. I work psychodynamically, looking at how you relate to me and how that may be familiar for you in relationships outside the room. Of course, along with this, what you bring to discuss is always the main focus. Together we can explore thoughts and feelings that you feel are causing you barriers and focus on them in a deeper level to gain understanding about why you feel and react the way you do, where this has come from be it past or present experience, and how, by becoming more conscious, you can start to gain clarity about yourself and therfore help you gain understanding of how you feel and react in situations enabling you to see them differently. The therapeutic experience prepares you to take your new understandings out of the room and  percieve yourself in the world differntly.